Lesley Graham is a book artist and illustrator living in Essex close to the borders with London.  She obtained a first class honours degree in Illustration at Cambridge School of Art,
and is starting the MA Art, Design and the Book at
Colchester Institute later this year.

Not having taken art as a subject at school Lesley came to art later in life.  She has worked for over 20 years in private practice as the registered homeopath Lesley Carlisle RSHom.  She became interested in furthering her art work when she found herself taking 9 hours of classes each week at her local college.  Lesley decided to study illustration because she enjoys painting and drawing, particularly life drawing, and stumbled across book art during her second year at university when she was required to produce either a children's book or an artist's book.  Further investigation during the summer and a short workshop at the Jaffe Centre for Book Art at Florida Atlantic University confirmed her interest in this genre.  She decided to apply her enthusiasm for book art to all the work produced in her third year modules, culminating in a series of books for her final major project about Pagan Festivals. 

In order to improve her bookbinding skills she undertook a course at the City Lit in London and is keen to take this further.